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    Aslain.com is powered by ...support us today and get a professional Quality game server from BlackBoxServers.net Downloads for World of Warships Aslain's WoWs ModPack v8.1.1 #07 (~115 MB) download link #1 [direct] download link #2 [direct] download link #3 [direct] how to download with adfly SHA256: 6ad48f0d7cc1d3efd31c87b3357e351ae99caf51d36a5985ec466d68d5d93e5d Installation: - select folder where is your WoWS installed - pick your mods and options, click next to finish - when you want to select different mods, launch the installer again Uninstalling: - use uninstalling feature from windows system - if you still cannot start your game, perform this action http://tinyurl.com/z23lxng Modpack for World of Warships You may use following tools to support me, posted them as requested by users: or PayPal: Changelog:
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    Of course it doesn't return consumables, since you are not switching tank in the garage. It's not "fixable", and removing it just because of Frontlines, when it works fine for everything else, would be rather dumb. XVM doesn't have a consumables option. And why even use it for consumables? I can understand expensive things like equipment and camo, but not cheap consumables, when you can stock up when they're on sale, and sell them in case you end up needing credits without a loss. (10k price on sale, 10k sale value when not on sale.. so no loss) Removing mods that aren't compatible with Frontlines, means that there's no modpack left, lol.. nothing really work in Frontlines.
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    v.8.1.0 #07 (04-03-2019): - updated Alt Hud (should fix smoke timer) - updated Detection icons: It's a trap - updated clan icons - added Detection icons: Bee - added Detection icons: Chain
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    I'm far from a training expert, but since the Matilda BP is your only trainer, it might help for you to look first at the Black Prince wiki page. Of special interest to you is down in the Performance section. Here's a quote that will sort of set the stage for everything else that you do: "Besides the tier IV Matilda, the MBP is not great for training British medium tank crews, as its playstyle is very different. The lack of a radio operator position further diminishes its effectiveness as a crew trainer. Its crew layout is only compatible with high tier British medium tanks like the Centurion Mk. I. However, the loader will be unable to use radio operator skills." That's a bit of bad news, but not unexpected with the BP. For me, I have a decent time in the base Matilda. Teleport me a tier higher into the BP and suddenly I'm outclassed by everyone. But then, it may fit your playstyle so if you enjoy it by all means wear it out! HOWEVER, the only other medium you can comfortably move back and forth to from the BP is the Matilda, at least in my experience, so by all means leverage up to one of those! If you want to keep the BP, become a Matilda guru. Train yourself to bleed at 22kph. You will rapidly gain crew XP and you'll end up having fun. But if you want maximum training, then you need a better trainer. There's just no other way of putting it. And unfortunately, the ideal setup is a light, medium, heavy, td, and arty trainer in every tree you play. Of course some trees don't even have some of those classes...but you get where I'm going. Whatever class of tank you play, in whatever tree, in the perfect world you'll have an equivalent trainer for it. If you're not scared to spend gold you can find a trainer that's fun for you and no matter what class it is you can retrain the crew you've developed to another class, but it's a pretty wasteful tactic. I can say that because I've screwed up and done it before. Oh, well... Evaluate the class of tank you enjoy the most, and think about buying another premium. It's annoying, but right now it seems that Russian tanks are the defacto best because of bias, so unless you've just vowed to not play them, get one. You'll train faster. My advice on WHAT to train the crew in is usually pretty simple, remembering that every tank you own needs sixth sense above all else...however there are conditions. If it's a light tank that I can zip around in or a passive spotter or a sniper, go for camo first UNLESS you like aggressive flanking. Camo won't help you a whole lot when you're in someone's face. For flanking I train my driver in smooth ride and my gunner in snap shot with the others going camo. Once the commander trains to 100%, you can reset his skill toward sixth sense, but notice that unless you use gold the best you will change him over to at that point is 97% by spending 20,000 credits. You then have to maybe dump 3% worth of free XP on him to finish sixth sense out, OR you could play him to 103% to start with, then when you spend the 20,000 he'll end up at 100%. My move at that point is to immediately reset the rest of the crew for BIA, then start training them again in their respective skills, and assign BIA to the commander for training. I'm sure that's not what others do ever, but it works for me. By the time I've reached that first skill, I know the tank well enough to compensate for the lack of camo or whatever without being uncomfortable during the BIA period. After I've gotten sixth sense and BIA, I don't strain. Nothing after that will totally make or break me anyway. My mediums get pretty much the same skill breakdown with only a few exceptions, Matilda being one of them since it's slow. She got full camo first, sixth sense, and then skills that would maximize view range so I could snipe without being seen better since I couldn't really run. But do remember that hard cover and bushes always trump your camo level because it's a rare tank that keeps much camo at all after firing. Heavies, forget camo. You're doomed there anyway. The gospel is to go for repairs first, then sixth sense, and maybe situational awareness and recon to help most heavies' terrible view range. Yes, I know you aren't going to snipe in a heavy (or you shouldn't), but the further out the view range goes the quicker you will see camoed targets. It's like your increased view range simultaneously decreases their camo factor. For peek-a-boom I do like the snap shot and smooth ride on soft heavies like the US T5, since I'll try to not be too up close. For brawlers like a lot of well-armored Russian heavies I'm more about protecting my ammo and firefighting. TD's...refer to what I said about sniping. Arty...I've always hated arty, but I won a Lefty in a loot box at Christmas, so I gave it a try. Meh. At least now I might finish some missions, but I don't care for it. You have to go into arty games knowing that you're going to get killed. I don't like that. But...view range and camo. And duh, sixth sense. If you're devoted to the Brit lines, then you'll be good with the BP once you get up to the Centurion. But that's a day or two away. In the meantime, think about what I've said. And I'm glad to answer any questions I'm able to. Peace.
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    Download proper modpack for your region which is not like you installed.
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    Ok, how often does it happen? Try to play without Peronal Missions Helper.
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    XVM-7.8.5-dev: [KNOWN ISSUES] * disabled options: "login"/"saveLastServer" - save last server "hangar"/"hidePricesInTechTree" - hide price button in tech tree "hangar"/"masteryMarkInTechTree" - show mastery mark in tech tree Will be reprocessed in future releases.
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    There are hitzones skins inside modpack. Unless you are talking about full 3D remodels with angle indication and all? ...last time i checked that's considered illegal.
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    I've been experiencing this for some time now and I don't think it's always related to mods. Sure, they sometimes affect what is going on, but I finally bit the bullet and ran this clean. Same issue with no mods. All my drivers are updated and I did a fresh install of WOT as well. I believe this is a Wargaming issue for some of the lag/fps drops. There can be no other explanation. And it started happening with 1.0.
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    Somebody DID make a StarWars Gun Sound Mod already a long time ago, and it was the most amazing thing with the Starwars Music also back then. I actually liked it better than the games. It will have to be entirely redone however with the new sound engine files methods etc. But here's the old mod files for Gun Sounds and Music: http://www.mediafire.com/file/65yfes1d1by6hdb/LaserGunSounds.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/bo0s8a0s6a9gk1v/StarWars.zip
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    v1.4.1.0 #01 (20-03-2019): - updated damage panels: Octagon mini, Rabbit, with angles, Console, Zayaz - updated Change client language EN (also added PL) - temporary removed Shimada_sama's gun sounds
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    v1.4.1.0 #00 (19-03-2019): - initial compatibility for WoT (beta) - updated XVM 7.8.5-dev [8938] - updated PMOD v1.39.0 - updated the anti-mirror files - updated Radio WG.FM - updated Replays Manager - updated all mods from ShuraBB. spoter, yuri_polyakov - updated Change client language: RU, UA - updated Aiming timer - updated DamageLog Gambiter script - updated Hangar Armor Inspector - updated Final Shot - updated InBattle WN8/EFF Calculator Protanki - updated Real time in-Battle achivements - updated sights script - updated Skins on destroyed vehicles - updated contour icons: Aslain, Wizard, Witblitz, Qualan, J1mbo, Kryspin_CZ, Grandorf, XSerzHX, corehorn, Contrabass, Darker, Ashbane - updated Premium tanks colored by gold with HDR (by Aslain) - updated HDR icons on Tech-Tree (by Aslain) - updated HDR icons on tank carousel (by Aslain) - updated Fog Remover - updated Vehicle Exp Extended - updated Safe Shot - updated Gun Constraints (gun traverse angle markers) - updated WoT Tweaker Plus - updated Crew Exp by WGMods - updated Minimap Tankview Directions - updated Info Panel Izeberg - updated FPS Limiter - updated Ping Spam Blocker by Champi - added Personal Missions Helper - added XVM option: Show Bonds spending locker - changed XVM lockers to green and red (by Aslain) - fixed error in XVM sight - temporary removed all XVM hitlogs except for default XVM's, all sound mods from Automatyk, YasenKrasen Text extension and Graphical Messages, all Battle results window mods, Advanced tips for skills [PL], Advanced Techtree, Compact vertical tech-tree, In battle statistics by RaJCeL
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    v.8.1.1 #05 (15-03-2019): - updated Side Panels by Roslich - updated Companion (Campaign progress) - updated Custom Battle Loading Screen - updated clan icons - added ports: Hamburg v2, Chinese Dragon Aurora, London (by Hateshinaku)
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    Nie ma szans, nie chcemy trojanow, wirusow, reklam i koparek koinów, a mody ekspointa je zawierają, nie wspominając o zlośliwym kodzie mającym na celu zawieszanie gry użytkownikom paczki.
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    Wait for next modpack, I fixed it already, will upload later today.
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    I always wanted to create some sort of header/bar (inspired by smartphone notification bar) with debugpanel, hppool and battle timer inside (maybe hitlog and assistlog headers as well), also with alt toggle/dropdown stuff (why not?). But everytime i start working on it, it never looks/feels right (idk maybe flipping dpanel in the right corner). Now that i started playing wot again, here comes my current work in progress/third attempt on creating this panel: [wip]V10.7z (atm looks similar to V9 but smaller...still experimenting with font/icons... also can't decide should i colorcode or go white only)
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    LOL I am glad I am not cracking up, I asked my better half did wee move? Heh Thanks Giada
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    In my modpack it's already fixed :)
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    W dziale ze skórkami, na samym jego początku.
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    Czyli chodzi o skórki Korean Random, mam je w paczce.
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    Randomly, the game crash. I have a critical error message sometimes, some others times the game just close itself without any messages. Quite annoying. It is due to the mod, as I dont have any issues without it. I read a post from someone else who has the same issue, so the pic I have below is the one he took, as I though useless to take twice the same pic. If I did wrong, then I apologise. I know my game had serious issues by the past, but never this. Hope you can help me Atlas3407. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
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    Here are the logs. Played a scenario, upon it exited to port, the Information "I" bottom right no longer highlights or can be pressed. Random ships cannot be accessed. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip res_mods.zip
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    If you have recently been banned from WoT in game chat without a warning, it could be due to a bug. Now, it could be that I have been a little salty in chat from time to time, but since I was banned and never got a warning I asked customer service why I was banned. WG Customer service informed me that I was falsely banned due to problem and that developers are currently working to resolve the problem.
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    I'll give it a shot, I use Nomogram as well.
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    I recall seeing this issue a couple of weeks ago. I did not investigate it further, but I suspect it *may* be related to Nomogram's dynamic crosshairs. I quit using that crosshair because it was causing terrible graphics performance (especially in scenarios), and since I quit using it I haven't seen this issue either. The "keep_calm" dynamic crosshair is a good alternative. Maybe give that a try and see if this issue disappears as well.
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    v.8.1.1 #01 (06-03-2019): - added Tweak: Enable max level of detail in the game options - updated Gun calibers in inches - updated mxmeter - updated clan icons
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    To XVM. Trzeba czekac az wydadza jakis patch.
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    find battleLabelsTemplates.xc file in res_mods and open it with notepad++ then search for lines with hitlogHeader and hitlogBody. both: "x": "{{pp.mode=0?5|{{py:math.sum({{pp.widthLeft}},70)}}}}", Change values to your liking, in example try change 70 to 80.
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    World of Tanks, many people have heard the name since the first release last year. This latest version that I have acquired is the Xbox version. The format and the way of playing are almost identical. World of Tanks is an action MMO game, Third-person shooter, where players will wear different types of tank drivers. To join the war, shoot opponents If compared to other games Familiar to each other about Counter-Strike That uses tanks instead of people Each team can customize their own tank, from the tank model, the strength of the gun used to attack the opponent, or even small details such as logos and camouflage for use in each terrain. After loading the game to install on the Xbox for the first time The game will download all game content again. Which takes a long time After loading, the player must set the screen size manually. And when the player handles the complicated matter that the game should be set to automatically, then enter the game and find the Garage page On the Garage page, this will have basic details for playing. Like in the menu below this section Players will see all the tanks. Which can choose different types of tank types, including small, medium, large, anti-tank and artillery vehicles. We will get 2 small tanks before and 5 slots for free tanks. If you need more cars Or additional slots Must buy it on the right side and show the properties of the tank that we choose Playing games Initially, we went to test drive in Training mode. It took about 20 minutes to train us to drive the tank. And aiming to shoot the enemy car Including sniper snipers The control in the game with the Xbox controller is quite difficult. The U-turn and the launch is quite slow. (Realistic like a tank) and walking on a plain road And on rough ground, it affects the speed of the bus as well Make the driver practice I swept the building next to And the tree disappeared completely In addition, having to force a gun on the car at the same time Together to shoot enemies as well Which each shot must wait to reload for a long time and the rotation of the gun takes time But enough to have some help like Auto-Aiming. (Ie we can look behind the car While still able to move forward), causing the driver to be confused as well Which way did we move Plus the unfamiliarity with the look of the tank Where it is, in front or back (When rotating the turret already Almost split the front-back Not quite) After playing in this mode, finished When he became familiar with the force Even though it is still numb For playing games, it is Random Battle which is a fight. Will randomly give us 15 teams to fight with another team Playing in this mode Will hold the base (Or it is the flag), the information on the website indicates that there are 3 sub-modes: 1. Standard Both sides have their own base. The goal is to hold the opposite base within 15 minutes. When the time expires, it is always considered. 2. Division of offensive / receiving The offense must go to capture the defensive base within 10 minutes. Otherwise, it means that the winning team. 3. The base model will have a base that does not belong to one of the weirs. Let both sides have to fight for that base ** As far as playing Was randomly selected to play in the 1st round, still not playing the other 2 types, and also looking for the option that determines what we want to play Found only the text on the website of the game that indicated that there are 2 other types During the game If our tanks are broken, we will be in free camera mode so that we can see the tanks of the team's friends being shot. At the end of each game We will receive EXP and get money as compensation for use in the next game. Communication in the game If there is no headset then It is quite limited. The Radial Menu has only 6 types of text. Upgrades and purchases The upgrade will require money. Which is divided into Silver and Gold. The difference is Silver is the money earned from playing the game. Gold is the money earned from real money exchange (at the time of this test Still not seeing what the exchange rate is.) By buying each item that uses Silver, it must be researched first by using the EXP value for research. Once the research has been completed to purchase the item As for products that are used to buy gold, they can be purchased at all. Upgrades and purchases of games are divided into several categories, divided into Buy a package. The package is a module for each tank. Each package has engines, guns, gun bases (swivels) and tracks. In order to be able to buy the next generation of tanks Buy equipment. Each vehicle has 3 car accessories, which can be purchased, such as a lens, bin, binoculars to increase the visibility, camouflage netting. Reduce the ability to detect from enemies, etc. Consumables such as ammunition, first aid kits, oil and chocolate etc. Products in this category Some items can be purchased in both Gold and Silver. Can buy things to fight) There are 3 beautiful things: camouflage (divided by environment, winter, summer, desert), car engraved text and the purchase logo. There are 3 types.
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    Updated Hungarian installer translation, sorry for the delay WoT_hu_translation_1.4.0.1_09.ini
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    v.8.1.0 #06 (02-03-2019): - fixed recently added ui packages - fixed crosshair Horizon (dynamic)
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    v.8.1.0 #05 (02-03-2019): - added Full Packages: Pravda Team, Garfield, ARP by Hakabase - added Historical Camo Pack 'Splinter' - added Lady commander names
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    Hello, I have been using this mod pack for a long time, as it is very easy on the eyes and I can at a glance tell under what kind of detection I am. however, I assume WG added a new icon in the latest patch, namely a "proximity detection" icon, because whenever I am closer than 2km to an enemy ship, I get a stock detection icon, instead of the large ones from the pack. If you are in contact with the mod creator, Aslain, can you ask him to add a new icon for this event in the pack? I am adding 2 screenshots of a training battle where I tested this, you can see the detection mod working as intended when over 3km from the enemy ships, and the stock icon when closer. if there is an icon in the pack for this event, please let me know and I will send you the log files for the installation. thank you for your continuous dedication to the modding scene, aslain!
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    CHANGELOG FOR -Kagero Skinned. -All 4 Lunar New Year camouflages Skinned -USS Wichita Skinned -Viribus Unitis skinned -Yahagi skinned -Blyskawica Skin Redesigned -Messerschmitt Me 323 Skinned -Corrected the glass discoloration on all maps and ports on all ships that have modeled glass on their bridges. -Task Backgrounds 91, 589, 596, 597 and 599 skinned. The que for unskinned ships are, and the order they are coming is: Priority List: -Hermes* -Exeter* -Furious* -Implacable* -Neustrashimy* -Azuma -Indomintable -Audacious -Knyaz Suvorov -Gangut -Pyotr Velikiy -Izmail -Sinop -Vladivostok -Lenin -Sovetsky Soyuz -Kreml ("*"= I hope to have atleast these ships skinned for
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    This has happened to me a few times as well....I usually take it as a sign to log from the game for the day
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    Update 0.8.1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v9J83isYXG-BHBVqOVbZD-DS9eoLzBgv/view?usp=sharing Updated support for 0.8.1
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    0.7.12 Re-activated Halloween ports 2016 2017 2018 0.8.0 Sky Dream updated 0.8.1 Re-visited Halloween port 2015 & Remake version Halloween ports 2016 2017 2018 updated >> Crashed fixed + Foliage Jacuzzi updated >> Crashed fixed Murmansk updated >> + Soviet Battleship Lenin
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    Updated German installer translation WoT_de_translation_1.4.0.1_09.ini.zip
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    v1.4.0.1 #10 (25-02-2019): - updated HD minimap images - updated Tech minimap images - updated Autoaim Indication+ (support for wheeled vehicles by OldSkool) - updated Battle Assistant
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    Couple of mods crashed, but I don't know why. Spotmessanger and pmod.
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    No need to be sorry :) It's very easy to miss!
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    Please find attached CZ Wot installer updated: WoT_cz_translation_1.4.0.1_09.ini
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    Danish for WoT installer updated: WoT_da_translation_1.4.0.1_09.ini
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    I'll take a look. No promises though. This was asked for for so long: https://amp.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/7nj3ph/suggestion_for_signal_flags_remove_all_button_and/ The search term was so popular on Reddit it was turned into a link hijack joke: I'm a bit reluctant because this may be a big task to accomplish within the confines WG puts on mods while they could do it really simply and easily - if they wanted to.
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    Maybe I can do it, when I find out how. The projects which I received from Wizard was without them. edit: succes, will add it in one of future modpack.
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    I would like wowp mods..... hope you consider it3
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    Thank you for generous donation, will elevate your group right away. Well the good thing is I installed WoWs and played it for a few hours, so I can judge that it's needs and stuff. I'm still undecided however :)
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    BUG REPORTING Begin with integrity check: Recommended options in case of problems: To report a bug or problem, please post a new topic in this section and include following things: - describe your problem as much detailed as you can - Run special application: >> Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe << (which can be found in the game installation folder or as shortcut on your windows desktop) it will create Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip file, attach that file to your thread, it's mandatory !!! I don't need any other logs, only that particular zip file. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip can be found in game folder inside Aslains_Modpack directory. - you can try to use WoT Mods Cleaner application to check/scan and clean your game - if possible also attach screenshots showing your issue - play a battle without mods (launch the game in safe mode) and check if you still have the issue - make sure you have latest modpack version installed, don't post bugs from old versions! If the issue is investigated as local, I cannot promise any further assistance, and that I will fix someones computer. Use your own skills, hire an IT guy, or hope for someone will help more. I very busy with the developement and providing regular support to potential issues caused by modpack. NOTE: Reports like "XVM is not working", or "your mod is not working since last update" are invalid, and most likely will not be responded. Without the logs it's very hard for me to check your issues. If your issue was solved, please write in the topic about it, so I can close the case. remember that python.log will reveal if you are using cheats and 3rd party mods Thank you for your cooperation!
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