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    Hi Aslain, I see you Modpack used by Bolagnaise on WoT's a lot on his twitch stream and like the look and ease he uses your modpack. I have downloaded the pack from your suggested sites and it is packed in a .exe format is there a way you can just make the patch folder, configs and mods folders available for download in a zip file for us Mac users? We all now use in world of tanks and world of warships the mac wrapper which allows us to play world of tanks and warships with out running wine or parallels, which are windows simulators of sorts. So there is no need to convert the script the files are written in to mac format we can just use it as it is but no need for the installer .exe file So if you can just create a zip file of just the patch folder, or what ever it is, configs folder, and mods folder we can just download that and then extract and paste into our world of tanks res_mods folder and voulah!!!!! we have your modpack
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    300 odd games since this post and it has not happened since for me. The only mod that I disabled was Server Cross
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    Jakiś czas temu też kilka osób miało ten problem to jak pamiętam powodował to hangar manager HangMan z kilkoma garażami (by goofy67)
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