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  1. Using mfdirect. Now some of mods are working others arent. The one on the match screen showing torps range,detection range,hp etc will not come up. Only get basic ship profiles with no ship information. Did not install Training Room as I was not sure if it was working. Sometimes I think Wargaming are just messing with the mods guys like Aslain. Makes no sense that mods have to be reworked and redownloaded with every patch.
  2. Have tried to download WoW mods but keep getting an error message saying to check connection. Connection is fine, will allow download of WoT but not ships. Need help or input.
  3. Karlshrue does have hydro acoustic module so that is definitely what detected you.
  4. Thanks Aslain for your quick response for 5.5. I realize there are items missing i.e. shell colors, warnings damage total on game screen but most of what I use is intact. I'm sure that most will return in time. Your work is excellent so again thank you.
  5. Doubled55


    When the game opens to the garage it tells you if you are using the latest mods, how many days before XVM needs to be updated and requests. What does the requests line item mean?
  6. Hey Quaksen, thanks for the help, all is well buying tanks now. Once again you guys are the best and can always be depended on to help us mortals out of trouble.
  7. Phew ,thanks. I'll try it today. Having nightmares about being stuck permanently in the lower tiers.
  8. Tried to purchase new tank last night and game wont allow the purchase. Doesn't matter if it is a Premium tank or on the regular tech tree. Can click on the tank ,goes to crew training screen, can choose training, but cant purchase. The two boxes at bottom of screen are blank, no words. Checked to make sure that gold and xp were unlocked and they are. Is this a setting issue or something else. wasn't any problems until the new patch. Help!!!!!!!!! Stuck at Tier 4 for life right now.
  9. Went back and unchecked the Zeus zoom and everything works. Noticed that the Training Room mod isn't working again. Was using it to train with CVs. Oh well.
  10. Did you have to uncheck them in the mod pack?
  11. I did try 5.3.2 but the Port was upside down and fractured into pieces. Read in shout box that others had the same problem. I'll try it again later. Thanks again for your input.
  12. WoW just did a new patch today and now none of my mods were there. Went to your site and tried to reload the mods 5 times and no luck. Has Wargaming put in some kind of firewall to stop the mods? Am I doing something wrong. Did clean install each time as per your recommendation. Is anyone else having this problem?
  13. Quaksen, we were not able to correct the problem but he is in the process of changing laptops. His old one was from 2010 and was not set up for gaming. The new one will be. Thanks for checking up on us. When we get the new laptop we will definitely load Aslain/XVM and see what happens.
  14. Badabing! Played my 105th match and my stats showed up. Thank you all once again for your help and support.This site is fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I know this will sound stupid but how do I check my antivirus and firewall. I struggle with the technology, hell I can hardly operate my smart phone. Sometimes I think it's smarter than me.
  16. When I start a match,my stats do not show on the team panels prior going into battle. Also when match starts the chances of winning do not show. All other mods are working fine. Double checked to make sure I had updated and activated and I had. Any ideas?
  17. Quaksen, Thanks for your help, I'd be lost without this sights help. So happy I stumbled onto it.
  18. Quaksen, went back and checked and had not researched T18HMC. Once researched T1 went to elite status. Then was able to convert xp. I get it now, the whole line of tanks has to be researched for previous tank to reach elite status. Pertaining to my other question, do you have to fight a set number of matches before your stats show on XVM?
  19. Ill double check. Did check on tank lines and no US had fully upgraded the T1HMC, went on to the next tank [it sucked] but fully upgraded it , and now have M7Priest which is almost fully upgraded. In German line fully upgraded LTr and went to PZK11 which is also almost fully upgraded. Screenshot,oh my your dealing with a 60 year old guy that can barely use his smart phone try as I may. If you tell me how to do it ill give it the old college try.
  20. Question #1 yes, Question #2 also yes. As of right now its good for another 7 days before I have to update/activate again.
  21. Quaksen. I thought that when you have a fully upgraded tank it becomes "ELITE". Currently have 4 lower tier tanks that are fully upgraded but do not show as elite. tried what you said on a T1 that still had about 110xp but Icouldnt convert like you said. Did I do something wrong? One other question, when do your stats show up on the XVM screen at the start of each match? Thanks for the Wiki sight lead, it has tons of info.
  22. Thanks,quite a learning curve.
  23. Extremely new to WoT, have played less than 100 matches. What happens to any left over experience when you move up to next tank? Do you lose those experience points? Is there one site that you can go to to learn the mechanics of the game? How to train crews, how the stats work,how do you move crews, etc. etc. etc.. Like I said I'm a total noob and I really want to learn the game and be good at it. Don't need some idiot on chat giving me crap just because I'm new to the game and I ask a simple question. Ive already been castrated in chat because I'm still using my training wheels! Thank you for any information and insight you all may provide. I guess all the pros forget that they were as green as I am.
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