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  1. I used to be very good with Algebra, but like all other things, if you don't use it, you lose it. Having said that, Algebra is kind of like riding a bicycle, you might be rusty but you can still struggle through. :) What kind of problem you having with GET? are you getting an error of some kind or just a #VALUE? What is the syntax you are using right now?
  2. Yes you are correct, the calculations are made as soon as the button is clicked and prior to it reaching the target. This also explains the times where you are in a race to fire the next shot at each other at distance, you see his shot coming and you pull the trigger before it reaches you. Shell hits you and you die, but no damage is done to him, its like your shell was never fired. They have to do it this way to keep things on the up and up, lag/ping/packet loss not to mention hacks.
  3. I do not currently do that as of yet, but have thought about doing so for some time, to have a real time (or close to) update on statistics for my personal use and compare to my friends. I am pretty good with excel, just not sure how to tie in with WG for information.
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