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  1. I'd use the one that looks like a spider web. Once you get a spotter up from a battleship your perspective changes and it usually messes up my first couple of salvos as I have to retrain myself ingame to not shoot as I was shooting earlier in the game. That's maybe something we need ingame is the ability to let a squadron do training. One as a target and the other 2 training their shooting. Same as in WoT
  2. Any way you can add Grepa / Oxmaster etc. originally from PoG to your Modpack. I routinely use OMC modpack and then averlay with yours. I know it can mess some things up after an update but I like most of the sounds and icons they use with your functionality. Yeah I kow we ask for everything all of the time but I've been using your mods since you started which was way back around when PoG started up or thereabouts. Used his icons and your XVM,
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