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  1. Thanks for your help all is well now.....
  2. Your mod pack for the NA, no longer works at all??????
  3. Not any of your mods are working for NA
  4. The battle observation bar at top of screen, it does not count down when a tank is killed. it remains as no kill's during the entire game. On both sides ally or enemy
  5. I am getting a trojan virus, when I try to update WOW, on any of the options provided such black box etc. HELP
  6. Regardless of which SPG Sight I chose I always get the same sight, tried them all except server sights which I do not use. Sights I use are Taipan regular sight, and for SPG I use meltys
  7. Can't find the gun sight mods?
  8. Game will not load just keeps running intro video, I have found that by unchecking Auxilium mods, everything appears OK. Hope this helps.
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