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  1. Hello, EDIT: Can some1 please move this to WoWS ... cause I posted in tanks again .. sorry. Could this be done? I have problems when playing CV and the white planes / ship I have trouble following. Is the ship / planes color property editable on the minimap? PS: Didnt find the topic sorry ... Is any of the moders out there willing to implement this?
  2. nambr9

    Player color on minimap

    So you are white. Team is green, div is yellow tk is pink. Can this be modded? At least white (your color) as a color picker pallet? Would benefit a lot of cv guys ... I play best when pink. Keeping an eye on your planes needs some visual help.
  3. nambr9

    Aslain to Hospital

    Get well soon Aslain!
  4. nambr9

    Splashes reduction mod

    Is there a mod that reduces splashes when shells hit the water? regards
  5. Hello, I have problem since 0.6.2 where the smoke counter UI is not shown in game. It all worked untill 0.6.2. I have just installed #03 modpack (I always install with the checkbox to clean the res_mod) folder. I also did a client integrity check - all ok. I really dont know why its not working for me... others say it is. The battle screen is also included, where all other mods from your pack seem to be working fine. Any tip would be much appreciated! _Aslain_logs.zip Nevermind. I am stupid. The mod works, but I didnt wait in training room to actually press smoke. I used to have the other smoke counter that was always up. Sigh...
  6. nambr9

    Who has radar at Tier 5

    I love my Yorck after watching this I have rethink the ship that i gave up some time ago. The German hydro is great on helping to dodge those torps + the fighter plane. DDs are fun, but I find more fun in hunting them down
  7. nambr9

    Where's the Royal Navy?

    Problem is that they have been working some time on russian CL line. The Royal Navy requires loads of work ... while single ships (chinese, polish...) dont take that much work.
  8. nambr9

    Mini Map Mods -- detection range?

    this is sad. One of the most useful mods out there besides colored shells. I hope WG makes it possible again.
  9. nambr9

    Slow download

    Is there an issue with mediafire link? I am downloading with 30Kb/ps (1 hour remaining). Usually its down within seconds... regards
  10. nambr9

    ARP Ships

    You are the king! Just to let you know, I am not sure if its a mod problem or not. Yesterday I tried some new things from your pack. - yellow border lines - icons above ships (torpedos and guns) I had a game crash for the first time ever ... i turned them off and no crash since. Dont know if it has anything to do with it, but will let you know if it happens again.
  11. nambr9

    ARP Ships

    Hello fleets, First of all a big hello to all and big respect to the moderator Aslain. I am really enjoying this mod pack and will do so in the future. Its amazing how active you are and your 0 day updated. I bow to you. Now, please dont attack me for not liking this ARP ships. I really want to ignore them, but I cant. They are so unrealistic... almost alien ships. I am trying to ignore them but I cant. Is there any option to make them look like ordinary ships? Thanx in advance, nambr9.
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