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  1. GummiTier

    HP bar Armagomen

    ^ <-- That? PS: it is impossible to turn that off....
  2. GummiTier

    HP bar Armagomen

    I have a similar problem. After the newest v1.4.0.0 #06 update the ICONS for the tank-classes (how many heavys, TDs, lights..) under the HelthBars are gone. Did not change anything, just installed the update. Any idea how to fix this?
  3. Today Update is complete bullshit. Crashing every 2 min.
  4. GummiTier

    Strv 103B

    Other tanks work fine... After latest patch no problem for me anymore (so far)
  5. GummiTier

    Strv 103B

    Done. Thx for the reminder. The problem looks like this. When it bugs i am stuck in the first person view which i can't change direktion. I am forced to look at one place while the tank moves around when i move the mouse around. When i switch to third person view everything is fine but the first person view is bugged till next round or restart.
  6. GummiTier

    Strv 103B

    When i switch to first person view while switching into stationary mode, the view bugs and i cannot use first person anymore. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. GummiTier


    Thx it did work after a few forum posts
  8. GummiTier

    3 Stars showing ingame

    It was much easier ....i did not had switched to from WGR to WN8 on the XVM website. It works well now. Thx everyone!
  9. GummiTier

    3 Stars showing ingame

    Many thanks for your help! First i should find out whish scale i am using. My WN8 stats are allways up to date as i do the update on the XVM website. Is it possible, that the 3 stars are showing something completely different? Like ingame rating or so? Because there should be at least one yellow star in my rating.
  10. GummiTier

    3 Stars showing ingame

    Hi guys, i´ve got a stupid question. I have that "3 stars above name"-rating activated ingame and i have WN8 rating above 900 so in colours it is yellow and not orange anymore. Still my 3 stars are all orange and my colour in the player list is orange too. What do i do wrong?
  11. GummiTier


    Still not possible to write in shoutbox....what do i do wrong?
  12. GummiTier

    Shout box

    Then i try to post in here too
  13. GummiTier


    I was wondering too....wrote even messages to other members why i cant use the box ....now i know. THX
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