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  1. It looks like many of us are experiencing the same issues with XVM. If it is faulty, I suggest removing it from ASLAINs until it is stable. Regards.
  2. Have been able to figure things out up until now but can't figure this one out. Crashes upon starting WOT and entering garage. Get message WOT + XVM has stopped working. Happens 100% of the time this morning. Yesterday it would start and I could play normally after about the 2nd or 3rd attempt. I just tried safe mode and game runs with no problems. Please help. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. *********4HIM is recruiting for Active Clan Members********** ► Clanwars - Nightly,Prime time hours will be 8-11+ EST. ► Strongholds/Advances/War Games T10s - Nightly,Mon-Thurs.9:45-11:45 est,Fri (War Games) 7-10 est,Sat(War Games) 9:45-1am est. ► Tournaments - When available ► Platoons - Whenever ► Campaigns - When available REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERSHIP: ► LANGUAGE MUST BE CLEAN AND RESPECTFUL AT ALL TIMES!!! ► Have at least 2000+ battles (with exceptions) ► WOT Labs WIN8 of 700+ (exceptions can be made: Contact Jnut27) ► Must have at least 2+ tier 10 meta tanks (non-arty) for the Clan Wars and SH's ► 3-5 Days a week activity(Prime time hours 8-11est) ► Team speak is required for clan battles and must be On-Line w/ TS after 5 pm Central Time when logged onto WOT. ► 16+ years of age (with exceptions) If interested, apply on our website: https://4himgamingcl...cruitment4himna or contact JNUT27, XO - 4HIM on our TS3 channel: TeamSpeak: 4him.typefrag.com:4480Password: savedbyGRACE
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