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  1. Hi, Alsain. Just a small query ! What has happened to the in-battle timers for the two "time to win" counters? Thanks for the mods, Aslain !!
  2. Hi. I've got Gbs of free disc space and virtual memory. Thanks for the reply !
  3. Hi, I have encountered these error messages on maybe the last 3 or 4 mod pack installations. After OK-ing the messages, the install continues. Can you please shed any light on these? The messages appear one after the other in the order shown. regards, p.s. - keep up the good work !!
  4. Has anybody else had problems with "Space" skins? Was playing Gearing with skin, and it was OK. Played Des Moines and the battle would not load in (3 times). Went into the mod pack this morning and de-selected the Space skin mod, and now everything is working OK. Haven't tried the other ships with skins, as it was obvious there was a problem. Aslain, please take note !
  5. Hi. Update - Running these Mods:- Sixth sense, More visible cruise controls, Running lights, Fog remover, Clear vision, Red solid border, Player's panel with HP bars (Aslain), Gun marker #7. No problems so far !!
  6. Hi. Running 1. more visible cruise controls, 2.fog remover, 3. clear vision. No sixth sense used, and it seems to be running OK. May try sixth sense or running lights in a minute. BTW - England are out of Euro 2016 - Yipee !! - I'm Scottish, so I can say that !! Been running with Running Lights - seems OK. Just tried "Sixth Sense" and it has caused the original problem, so I would suggest nobody uses that until it is sorted out.
  7. hi, still not working. Mods being used:- 1. sixth sense, 2. more visible cruise controls, 3. runnung lights. a) I have 18 ships on my carousel, in six columns of 3. Only ships in the first and last columns can be selected, b) I have to use escape to exit the details section. any ideas??
  8. hi, looks like removing the gun marker and border mods has worked. BTW - I was/am running the latest update.
  9. Hi Aslain. Still having problems with latest update. Carousel still not working. i have attached files for you to look at, and hopefully help solve this problem. BTW - Mod pack is great - thanks for the time and effort you put in !! python.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList[1].log _Aslains_Installer[1].log _Aslains_Installer_Options[1].inf
  10. Has anybody else had problems with the latest mod. update? - i.e. cannot select all ships on the carousel, can only use "esc" to exit the details, etc, screen?
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