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  1. You say, click on direkt link. What u mean ? Where I found the "direkt link" ?
  2. Right Admin, I cklicked that button and after that, it comes the pictures Nr. 4 ( > black frame). Thats it, no loading, no moving to anything..........
  3. Dear Admin, I cannot install the download of the new Aslain WOWS-Mod ( right now First I click my old mod, then comes the indication that there is a new version, I confirm, then comes the AdFly window, the advertising wait, then nothing happens! No download, its do nothing. Please look the pictures.
  4. Dear Aslain, for a few weeks now I can not install your new version of WOWS. Also the earlier announcement of a new version, I am no longer informed. Next off an instalation in my case: I'm going to install the old installer, click on it, I will point out that there is a new version, I click on new version, then the adfly appears. But it does not start any installation. What can I do ?
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