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  1. tnx for spending your time with this. i can use other croshairs, but im used to this one.
  2. if i install v.49 without make any changes it works properly. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  3. i have try to enable and disable all the settings in there. the fix, etc. not working
  4. it lose the crosshair and aim circle in sniper mode, and some times in standar use too. i will install the new build again and i will take some screenshoots. fully aimed working with .49v not working, circle stay always in this size working properly with .49v not working, fully aimed on later versions. also, if you go to sniper mode with td, or arty mode most of the times there is no circle and crosshair.
  5. Hi. after the fix for Roughneck's crosshair in v9.14.50,in both new versions v9.14.50 and v9.14.51, the crosshair is broken for me. when i install v9.14.49 version is working properly again.
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