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  1. Thanks! Removing the "Personal Missions Helper" mod fixed the problem immediately :)
  2. _Aslains_Installer_Extractor.log_Aslains_Installer_CompList.log_Aslains_Installer.logComponents_List.txt_Aslains_movetree_command_res_mods.log_Aslains_movetree_command_mods.log_Aslains_Installer_Options.inf python.log When in-battle, and I press "N" to display the campaign mission, the 1st campaign displays perfectly. When I click on the 2nd campaign mission's tab (under all the description text), the description title changes correctly, but the description body remains the same text as the first mission. Therefore I cannot read what to do for the 2nd mission. It's been this way for a f
  3. I raised a WOT Support ticket about a week ago. So far they've had me try about 10 things (just the usual stuff, reinstall, latest drivers, etc), none of which have helped. I've still got the problem, which is a real pain.
  4. Update. I started up a game in safe mod, and the same problem occurred. So I created an empty res_mods, and problem came again. Therefore, is NOT a modpack problem. Sorry to inconvenience you. Would appreciate answer to my little extra question re Previous battle result in messages. Thanks.
  5. Dear Aslain, Since your modpack up to and including -15, I am getting frequent WOT window freezes at random places during battles. On average, occurring every 2 - 3 battles (so horribly often). The window totally freezes, not getting even local control (eg. can't turn turret, as can happen when just lose internet). The mouse cursor turns into the hourglass, and the window's title bar gets the "not responding" suffix added to it. If I wiggle the mouse and click, the entire window gets a 50% transparent white overlay. Still absolutely no response though. Waitin
  6. FYI, The tooltips.xc file references the camo_coeff variable. This variable was removed in the latest version of xvm, as per the following extract from the release notes: XVM- * update for WoT 0.9.15 #30 micropatch * added option "tooltips"/"hideSimplifiedVehParams" - hide simplified vehicle parameters * tooltips: added parameters: "invisibilityStillFactor" - Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%) "invisibilityMovingFactor" - Concealment of Moving Vehicle (%) removed parameter: "camo_coeff"
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