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  1. H If you have not tried playing in tournaments with other dedicated players and growing as a team together then I believe you are missing some of the best fun WOT has to offer. We will give you the tools to become a part of a great team. We do not take ourselves too seriously this is a game and fun is the main goal. Must be active in voice chat, we actually like each other. Happy Clan On Discord Our gaming community is growing (over 1000 members) and all are welcome to join the officially unofficial WARGAMING discord channel and search for clan members, teammates, clan war players, etc. This Discord channel is now open continuously and monitored by our staff: BUNNYHUGGERI Bullets_inc Goldengrams12 All are welcome to join by clicking on the link https://discord.gg/8wBzGeN
  2. clan name: HAPPY clan tag: HAPPY clan icon:
  3. I am hoping to gain some clarification on the current status of one of the mods used in Aslain mod pack. I trust Aslain and know they/he take great measures to assure everyone is informed and mods clearly marked. However I also know things chage so rapidly. One of my clan mates heard me helping a new member and showed me a link he found regarding illegal mods and i was hoping someone could help me clear up the issue. Here is the LINK and if you scroll down to the bottom picture and read it, you will see it mentions turret direction indicator and reloading timer specifically. It appears to indicate these are currently not approved for the NA server. However, as of today Aslain has those marked as "may be illegal on Asia and Europe" only. Can anyone confirm or help me understand so i can advise my clan correctly. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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