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  1. I downloaded the Tessumod for 9.15.2 and installed your plugin above. It is working. It is also throwing a lot of messages into the TS log. I included the log incase you wanted to look through it. ts3client_2016-09-23__14_48_38.657550.log
  2. how do we know the beta versions of tanks will be the same as the release version? They still make mods for the beta as a template for the release version. They are including new APIs with the next version of TS. All I am suggesting is that the TessuMod creators look into the new versions prior to the release.
  3. So I recently updated to TeamSpeak version 3.1 (beta). TessuMod is not compatible with this version of TS. When you go into the addons manager (they changed the way to manage plugins) it comes up as: "Plugin failed to load: Api version is not compatible: 20 (current: 21)" I know this isn't an aslain thing but I am not creating an account for the EU server just so I can post on the forums for their region. If someone could please pass the info on that as soon as the new version of TS drops this mod isn't going to work, I would appreciate it.
  4. I am using the latest nightly build, it says the added minimap but doesn't say what specifically they added
  5. Tankers! I am trying to add partial names to my minimap. I have a base of Aslain's config and then customized with my own preferences and a couple of add ons. I have figured out how to customize my tank labels, Player Panel, and Carousel. I cant figure out which of the 5 files for the mini map will allow me to add player names to both enemy and friendly tanks. Help is greatly appreciated!
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