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  1. I will try, but with the vpn speed issue I have, I cant promise anything. I cant afford to have a paid one, and Windscribe refresh monthly, so well. I'll try Aslain, but dont expect miracles
  2. Hi guys. As for me, issues has been fixed since Changed skin mod, from Anime skins by Compass Rose to the Kancolle skins (dont remember the author) and no more crashes
  3. I will fix the logs then. What I did was click and drag, as specified on the site. Will try another way then, when back home. Sorry to bother you with the issue btw. Sincerely Atlas3407 Edit: Logs has been fixed. You can find them in my 1st message
  4. Randomly, the game crash. I have a critical error message sometimes, some others times the game just close itself without any messages. Quite annoying. It is due to the mod, as I dont have any issues without it. I read a post from someone else who has the same issue, so the pic I have below is the one he took, as I though useless to take twice the same pic. If I did wrong, then I apologise. I know my game had serious issues by the past, but never this. Hope you can help me Atlas3407. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  5. Hello. As far as i tested, night battles and the UI packages are not the cause of the crashes. Did a battle without them an get a crash. Now, time to disable ships skins. Edit: Get a crash without the skin pack: game with Queen Elizabeth, when I was in sniper camera against another Queen. The game froze then get the error message. Played without any UI, skin or night battles mods enabled, with the lastest version,#05. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  6. OK. I think I started to have troubles when I get the second Arpeggio ui package, the one by Sea group. I'll try without it and see what happen. About skins mods, theu never caused issues before, and I use night battles since you implemented it on the modpack, so I dont see why it can cause crashes. Anyways, will try as said and test it. Thanks for your help
  7. Hi, just tested with lastest version: crash after 2 minutes in games... I dont know what to do... Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  8. Well, when I created this topic, I had the lastest version. I tested with the #03 and still get crashes. Will test with #04 as soon as possible and tell you
  9. Thanks. I tried to play some games earlier, but it still crashed
  10. Hi, When I play the game crash after several minutes, sometimes only 30 seconds and I have a message which tell me that the big world client had crashed. The game worked fine, but since two updates, I have this problem, and it happen every battles. I nearly only play battleships (Bismarck, Tirpitz, North Carolina, or Izumo). Sometimes I dont even have the time to launch a game a nd the game crash... (crash on port). Here are the files needed. I dont know if the second can help you, its the crash report I get. For information, the game work fine without the modpack enabled. Hope it will help you. Sincerely Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip worldofwarships-2018-01-26_12-22-17.crash
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