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  1. I'll keep that in mind. I just set the button to something on the other end of my keyboard so that should take care of pressing it while ingame.
  2. When I press the button configured for changing style, it conpletely bugs out the ui when in a match. Pretty much all of it disappears, except for the status box in the lower left corner which just becomes a black box. Pressing escape brings up the menu since I become unable to control my tank, but I cannot see it at all. I have no idea if I can interact with it. Same with opening up chat. Playing the game works fine, but without the ui it makes it very confusing.
  3. The total amount of players who have played the tank?
  4. I've seen this for a long while now, but I don't know what it means. I could look through the config files but I'm too much of a dumbass to make sense of what I'm looking at.
  5. After reading through the comments, I did what alot of yall did and it worked. I really appreciate the help guys.
  6. I found the uninstall and used it to remove aslain's, which went without a problem, but I am still entirely unable to do anything with the modpack. Forgot to mention this earlier, but I can run WoT without an issue.
  7. So I know that the patch for WoT more or less just came out so I won't touch mods for a little bit until they get updated. Typically I delete the old modpack since it's outdated and there would be no point of keeping it aside from filling hard drive space. For as long as I can remember using aslain's modpack, I've never had an issue with this. However, currently I am unable to do anything whatsoever with the file. Left clicking it once will highlight the file as usual. However, opening the file, right clicking, or attempting to drag the file causes my windows explorer to freeze and stop responding entirely. The first time this happened I could still see my mouse and any applications that were already running. Those will work like normal except that I can't interact at all with my taskbar or open any other applications because it blacked out my taskbar and desktop. Attemping to interact with the file (same actions as before) after restarting my pc just causes windows explorer to lock up like last time, but it doesn't black out like the last time. Instead, it just closes the window and refreshes the task bar. I can interact with any other file, but not the modpack in particular. Now, I managed to delete the modpack by moving all other files to another location and then selecting the folder the modpack was in and deleting the folder. Of course this took a few minutes for windows to scan the folder for stuff to delete, but eventually it got around to getting rid of the folder where the modpack was. Does anyone else have this issue?
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