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  1. Sorry if this has been covered, couldn't find a topic on it. My clan chat in the hangar often wont connect, and has an Aslain's spinning Icon over it. Is there a fix for this? anything I can do? Thanks for help Spammy
  2. Same J1mbo1 didnt load... was weird playing with no cross hairs lol
  3. Today, out of the blue to me anyway, game would start to load and then I'd get the dreaded "World of tanks has stopped working" message. I figured what the heck, uninstalled and downloaded/reinstalled the game. The new download created a new folder.... "world of tanks NA". I downloaded Aslain's latest.... and ran installer for this new folder. None of my mods work. any suggestions? Thank you and happy Thanksgiving. edit: Actually some of the mods work, but many do not... garage mods dont.... etc
  4. When I press Tab, and its been this way forever, the info on player ability is .. player rating I guess? for instance my number is around 8800. I'd like it to display wn8 instead of whatever number is displayed. Trouble is, I cannot figure out how to correct this. Please help? Thanks. In the included screen shot the number 8892 is displayed by my name (spammy) . I'd like that to be wn8... any suggestions?
  5. I haven't been able to get the team's win chance to display . I have the box checked but nothing I do makes it show. any help appreciated thanks. Spammy
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