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  1. Cracken

    explosion sound disable

    ship exploding shocks you ??? lol I'd say if it really shocks you, then its perfect.
  2. Isn't that lovely, now i can watch my swastika and rising sun flags blowing in the wind again. Much like a candle in the wind with elthon john. Thanks !
  3. Cracken

    "Remove Steven Seagal voice" mod missing

    So there is no way to change from this god awfull steven seagal voice ?
  4. It dosnt work, flags are vanilla. I tried clean install of game and mod, nothing changes when mod is installed.
  5. Cracken

    X marks the spot

    Im using this and its a clear advantage vs vanilla. I agree, it should be removed. WG approves yeah, that dosnt mean they are right. My best guess is they simply dont understand how effective it can be(there is alot of things WG are clueless about)
  6. Cracken

    "Remove Steven Seagal voice" mod missing

    Tried the tips " i selected an arp voiceover (vanilla unlocked from event), and i hear it even when i have seagal as captain. " Im still hearing the retarded steven seagal voice over :X
  7. Cracken

    "Remove Steven Seagal voice" mod missing

    Ah ok, that sucks. I second the sound get effed up in latest patch. There is still a strange mechanical sound when zooming in after reload or shell switch. Only happens the first time you zoom in after that. thanks for the quick respons.
  8. Hi Guys Sadly the "remove steven seagal" voice mod has been missing in the last 5 releases of the wows mod. Any chance it will be in again ? Its one of the reasons me and my buddies use this mod pack. Cheers and otherwise great work !
  9. First post here, aslains wows mod pack is a great collection! 2 questions. What is required to create custom flags ? How to upload and be part of the pack ?
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