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  1. Hello, does everyone use this mod? its not work correctly. I see Camouflag on my tank and on all other tanks wo has no cammonflag okay looks nice, but nobody otherone see that i have an cammouflag on a tank. and the 3% bonus dont work. so this mod is only a skin mode but not good for game because no realy camouflag is on tank and so you dont have the 3% bonus.
  2. Hello, so often i dont find the mod or need long time, can you make an search funktion in the installer pls? thats where pefect :), so i found no add mods faster
  3. ok tanks. i was in hope that i can do it as tessu mod. with the api key that the aslain mod when i install ne mod that file at finish take from Aslain_Modpack\Custom_mods folder
  4. Hello, the Info Panel Itzeberg not work after all MOD Updates, ingame its always to change realod vision to standard only so it works, why reload vision is there when than the mod not works? and i always have to activate show on allies. how i can fix this so that i not forget it all new patches. thx
  5. Since #5 from Modpack- today #6 i have no client crashes.. can it be the pogs update, the other thinks i dont use.
  6. No never watching replays. i have reinstall the complete computer win 10 and so on, but same problem so i write here the problem. i test a few thinks and write you later again. so i have this problem on light tanks only when i play in platoon. than 100% client crash. i play normal light tanks not solo, so i have only test it now.
  7. Hello, always when i take my light american t49 tank, i play only this light tank last times. i start game load screen comes, and game hangs there no switch to map where the countown for start is. i can't close game i must restart my pc. close with task manager nothing work. after restart pc, game i launch in fight i can play there normal, after this match befor get hanger screen it will be black screen and nothing more, i can online close with al4+f4 the game. than i can start game und play. i dont have this problem with all other tanks i use. only when i take light tank the game hangs... regards Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Hi, Problem when acitvate Infopanel Oldskool with Minimap Addons: xvm-minimap.jpg, its that what i take but ingame nothing to see, so i start mod installer again an there is all empty Mods-Minimap.JPG is always so, also when i start installer again, but nothing to see in game this problem is when i take info Panel Oldskool - Mods-Minimap.JPG - with the other infopanel this mods works, but the xvm-minimap never works The Log files from the last version without oldskool infopanel. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. I do to standard but not work here log files Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. Hello under Info Panel Mods - Info Panel Izeberg dont show anythink ingame!
  11. Thank you, that was it what i like to hear. i have say him that i use aslain modpack and there all mods legal and its on wg site to see.
  12. Hello, in you modpack (ekspoint) there is a point where i can tell team that arty have shot on me with info from reloadtime. is this realy legal ???? someone in last match say its an cheat, to know reloadtime.
  13. hi, comes crosshair damocles back? thx
  14. when i change v9.22.0.1 #17 (09-03-2018):- updated session stats: TimeSpent to annother session stats than it works. in version #16 timespent works, since update in #17 its not work. so there is an error in this update from timespent. regards
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