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  1. I figured it out. For some reason, a bunch of the xml files in res_mods were read only so the sidepanels couldn't be loaded. Manually deleting the folder and reinstalling resulted in the same files read only. I couldn't find what set them to read only. I tried loading the game and mod pack on another PC and it and the files aren't read only there. I manually set permissions and everything works now.
  2. Here is my logs while not working. WoWs_Logs_0_9_6_1.zip Here is logs with just side panels installed. WoWs_Log_0_9_6_1__With_SidePanel_Working.zip
  3. Update: Played around more of various mod combinations Edit: nvm, it's just the contour icons still appearing. Side Panels still break when the upper list is selected.
  4. The issue I'm having is if I have any of the mods in the upper group there (session stats -> Sec Arm Status), none of the sidepanel mods work, and custom battle loading screen doesn't work. For example I've switched to Hakabase's Side Panels (Also now on and pack 00): here is with Regen Assistant selected, Custom Battle Loading Screen is not selected as well. versus Regen Assistant not selected No matter which of the 4 side panels are selected, if I select any of that upper list of mods, I end up with the normal side panels. I've also n
  5. I've been having issues since 0.9.6 launched with Side Panels are Advance Loading Screen not replacing the default side panels and loading screen. I initially tried Autospy Side Panels with Advance Battle Loading Screen together without other mods and they work fine. I finally had some free time to try installing mods one by one to figure out what was conflicting. I've found that enabling any of the following mods with Autospy or BADoBEST v2 Side Panels, or Advance Battle Loading Screen cause the those 3 mods to not work. Other mods going through PnF like All Ships in Tree still work
  6. Hello, our clan logo has not appeared in-game since about 3-4ish game versions ago and I've noticed it no longer appears in the Clan Icon's folder, server is NA, the tag is [BS] and the image
  7. NA [BS] Edited Oct 20th - Replaced image with cleaner one.
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