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  1. I just bought the tank, so never selected 'reserve' never expected it to be there so thanks! (btw I have never sent a tank to reserve so it was new and my ONLY tank there!) I never got a notification of reply to this so apologize for taking so long to find your response.
  2. Hi, I love your mods and you do great work! I would however like to find a fix for a rather strange bug, My AMX M4 49 is the only tank I have that will not show up in my carousel no matter how I set filters! If I delete all filters it is still not shown. the only way I can retrieve it is to select it to the comparison viewer and click on the tank there. If I uninstall your mod pack the tanks does show up in the carousel view. But I want your mod pack more than my AMX! Lastly this has been true since I bought the tank when it was for sale months ago, over many updates. Thanks, Skydogz Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Ever since buying my AMX M4 49, it will not show up in the tank carousel in the garage. If I select only French tanks all tiers, not shown. This is true even if I deselect all filters and display every tank in my inventory! This has also been true since I purchased the tank in January. This is not true for the Tech Tree where the tank shows as owned. This is not true for the Tank comparison tool, where it will display and let me select it for the garage. None of the updates has been of help so decided to report this bug. Thanks, love your mod package!
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