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  1. I have been unable to spend gold I had in my account on upgrading skills etc... I contacted WOT tech support they required me to remove the mods so I did that dumped the game and reinstalled the game fresh. No problems could spend like Midas. Loaded mods back on and cannot spend gold again. Ever seen this? I get the message in the lower right when I try to convert free experience with gold. Am also unable to reset skills with gold to 100%.
  2. Text need to be changed to white on black as it is not showing up at the top of the page
  3. [TAW] The Art of Warfare is Recruiting The Art of Warfare [TAW] - HONOR, FRIENDSHIP, FAIR PLAY & LOYATLY In TAW we offer a fun gaming environment for all of our members. Please review the following links before continuing: WELCOME PAGE TAW CODE OF ETHICS WHAT WE OFFER TAW HISTORY TAW World of Tanks [WT] Division is forming Tier-6 and Tier-8 Competition Squads. If you are an Active, Mature, Experienced and Skilled player, and after reading our code of ethics and our policies you think TAW looks like a good Clan for you, we encourage you to visit us and talk about Tanks, Skirmishes, Stronghold Matches, Clan Wars and Tournament competition. There are also plans to field a Tier-10 Clan Wars Competition Team. See Application Links Below MINIMUM CRITERIA FOR TAW MEMBERSHIP You must be a Mature gamer who is interested in Team-based play. You must have a working Microphone and Teamspeak You must be willing to commit to attending two matches/practices per week. We know real life sometimes calls us away, so occasional absences are OK! We have an excusal system for just such events. MINIMUM CRITERIA FOR CURRENT TAW World of Tanks [WT] DIV RECRUITMENT: · Meet all Minimum Criteria for TAW Membership (Above) · English speaking & Play on the NA Server · Weekly Attendance at Mandatory Saturday Meeting 9:00PM EST to 10:00EST · Have Tier-6 or better Competition Tanks*(Fully researched w/skilled crews) APPLY TO JOIN TAW WT DIV. Please review the New Member page and then complete and submit the New Member Application Form and be sure to select the World of Tanks [WT] Division. If approved by email, review the linked presentation on TeamSpeak (TS). Once the (TS) introduction is completed you'll be asked to meet with one of our Drill Instructors (DI) in Teamspeak. Your DI will provide you with the information necessary to log into TAW Teamspeak. During your “Bootcamp” meeting Your DI will review TAW and TAW [WT] related topics, answer your questions and provide any guidance you might need as a TAW WT Recruit. APPLY TO REJOIN TAW WT DIV. Just send an email to the current DC and DO requesting to rejoin TAW WT Division. You will be contacted and briefly interviewed and if accepted for readmission, your account will be re-activated and you'll be able to access all of the member areas again! JOINING THE TAW GAMING COMMUNITY TAW Members may play in any of the dozens TAW of Gaming Divisions so joining TAW opens up the entire community of ever increasing Game choices to each TAW member.
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