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  1. Same problem with 1.2.0_01. I get disconnected and CTD during match. First time was just as the countdown ended to start the match. Reconnected and finished match. Second game, disconnected while playing arty and "T" targeting map. Reconnected same match, crashed when someone else pinged map. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. I reinstalled the latest version but disabled Arty Log. I've played four games since and they are all fine.
  3. I'm using Jimbo's v1, Mjolnir's SPG crosshair, standard crosshair, and serverside crosshair.
  4. This happens to me too. I played one game in arty fine on Airfield, but then games on Murovanka, Karelia, and Highway all played with the weird view problem. It's like when the countdown finished, my view never switched to my tank. I could still operate the tank, but couldn't see where it was going. EDIT -- first game was arty, second and third games were in meds, fourth game was in arty. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. Thank you, I'm usually the SPG player and frequently used the combat reserves. Being unable to deploy them caused some tense fights this week. I assumed it was something in my mods, but apparently not. Hopefully it gets corrected soon. Thank you for the replies.
  6. Thank you, I wasn't aware of that. I wasn't able to find information on it anywhere else. Do you know if this was an intentional change, or an unintentional bug?
  7. I'm using the same sights as usual (Jimbo's) but whenever I try to use arty or air strikes in Strongholds, I get the message "not available," even after it should be loaded. I assume it's a gunsight mod that's causing the problems, but it's the same one I've used before without problems. Any suggestions?
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