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  1. I must heartily agree with both. I wish that I could financially support also but at the time I can only offer my thanks!
  2. Thank you!!!!! I had hunted through the WoT directory several times. I had even started looking inside the wotmod packages. Thank you also for all the work that you do on this package! It makes the game much better.
  3. Does anyone know where the settings are stored? I generally save my configuration changes so that I can reapply them after each install but I can't find where the Izeberg panel settings are. As a side note, the settings for the panel are not easy to use either.
  4. I use US English. Am I correct in assuming that the installer modifies the xvm configuration files on the fly based on the user's selections? xvm.log
  5. Just disabled Windows defender and reinstalled the mod pack. Same results. I have also checked permissions on the install directory.
  6. All I have running is Windows Defender. Everything use to work fine.
  7. I have been using this mod pack for well over a year and really appreciate it. I recently had to reinstall both Windows and WoT. After installing the mod pack I started the game only to discover that most of my selections in the installer were missing. I attached an options file. It isn't the most recent one but is similar to what I chose on the reinstall. I am using v9.15.2.12. I have uninstalled the mod pack and WoT and reinstalled with the same results. Things that are selected in the installer but missing: Auto login garage ping All OTM favorite server
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