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  1. As headline states, few months ago team panels were still working with the garfield's UI mod pack and the garfield's ship icons, but now it doesnt anymore, the team panels are back to default. In the port the ships are blank except when moving with the mouse cursor over it. Ingame the ships stay blank. So you cnanot see which nation or name that ship is. Missing team panels.
  2. Okay, got the new version, deleted the cache and installed it. It works now, arsenal is there, campaign medals are showing up, division system works. One thing now is still missing...the captain profile pictures of the ships, that was part of the UI mod. Nevermind, I found the mistake. SOmehow the mod for the ships was deselected.
  3. Oh he left? Didn't know that. Just a lot missing textures like when you click on campaign, no arsenal button. And when you hover with the mouse you see two text messages overlaid. Attached a screen for after battle screen. XD
  4. Was fixed, thanks a lot! <3 It has a lot of graphical errors, tho. And the arsenal doesnt show up with UI skins.
  5. In Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer_v.7.6.0_01 I want to install the KanColle UI by garfield, but he is installing the Akatsuki Enchant one.
  6. For some weeks now I can onyl see those NON KanColle german ship previews like in the attachment. It's not what I clicked when installing this modpack. It's called KanColle previews, not Garfield's previews, If you want to use Garfield's ship previews, you should rename it as such. And why switch to garfield's anyway? Why not continue using the official KanColle ship previews? I can't find other modpacks with the original previews. The ones I find don't have the german ones, like as if they are over half a year old.
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