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  1. Ah, thanks for the tip Any idea why smart screen doesn't like this mod pack?
  2. Update: Problem has been found. Its Smartscreen.exe. Deactivate that proces tree and it all works.
  3. Very strange, once booted into safe mode, my pc didn't activate my keyboard and mouse XD I was very lucky that I had a spare mouse and together with on screen keyboard i managed to install the mods and get out of safe mode Windows insider is gonna go, no more insider builds for me XD
  4. I will try it in safe mode in a hour. And it is a piece of software, what else could it be
  5. Actually, I am using Windows Defender And I'm aware of it (and others) being a problem for this mod pack. That's why I disable it. But this time without luck. You should see Android. Can't even use an equalizer anymore on all apps that are not playing music from your phones memory. Like Soundcloud. Just because Google thinks it can be used for bad stuff. I think they look at the wrong thing But back to my case, I know it's on my particular computer, but I need to know what is causing it before I can fix it.
  6. Hello people. First I want to thank Alain for his great mod work. Been using it for a long time already, until the last update. the last 3 major updates of wows gave some problems with this mod pack for me. It was always the same problem. I wouldn't start the installation. I have been able to find a solution for it. I just had to empty the previous mod folder in wows and the installer started. But since 6.1 it just won't work. I have also disabled my anti virus and uninstalled the mod through "Apps & Features" but every time I try to star the installation, the only thing that happens is that explorer.exe gets stuck and I need to reboot it manually through task manager. My question is, could this be related with insider build of Windows? My pc is running the Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 14986. Could someone help me please? Thanks in advance
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