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  1. I see WOT put out an announcement on the NA server with a new listing of mods that they now consider "cheat mods". I was wondering if this announcment will affect the mod pack. Thanks
  2. Hi, need some advice please. Love Aslain's and have been using it for years with no issues. Today I downloaded as I do for every update but this time the file was blocked by windows 10 and i recieved a message when I tried to go in manually that the file had a virus....Trojan:Win32/Azden.A!cl. Can anyone give me some advice on this please?
  3. Hi I was hoping someone could tell me which setting gives the type of tanks icons. I had Battle observer / HP bar style: normal but it seems to not be working. I have tried all the others in the Team HP Pool but no luck. I really like this feature as it tells in a single glance the number of each type of tank. Any advice on which setting controls this or is this feature unavailable? Thanks
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