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  1. Thank you very much...that worked. I had tried every variation in the mod pack to try and get rid of it.....and it was the game settings. Should have asked first. Thank you again. Cheers
  2. Hi Guys, I have a configuration issues that I would appreciate some help with, obviously just need to fix on my end. As you can see from the attached image. I have a double up of the roman numerals over the vehicle type. Image far right. I have also attached logs. Would appreciate any advice on how In can remove one of the numbers. Thank you. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Guys, The HP counter on the right of the Crosshair does not seem to be updating (reducing) has I take damage all of the time. It does sometimes and is sometimes delayed. Just thought I should let you know or ask if its only me. Thanks for your good work. Cheers Dooga
  4. Hi, Firstly great mod collection. Thanks for your work. I've been trying out a few damage logs and I am having trouble getting everything to look good. I've installed the Damage log integrated XFT ( so damage dealt and received). The logs are in the bottom left corner. They seem to go over the top of the stock counter (Damage / Blocked / Spotted etc). Is there any way to turn off the counter so that the other one does not sit on top of it. Thanks...I'm sure it is just something I've missed...but I've looked everywhere in the mod pack for the option. Cheers Dooga.
  5. Hi Guys. Thanks for your work Aslain. I'm getting an error "Game resource path does not exist:_/res_mods/" I'm on the Asian server. I have just reinstalled the game to ensure I have the latest client version which appears to be My res_mods folder is called I have downloaded your latest installer and run it. Am I meant to be running the version? I can run the game in safe mode, without mods If I change the res_mod folder to it will proceed through the screen but not actually start the game. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you
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