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  1. Hi Asl....many thanks for you job..... this last pactch from wg changed again the game....is there a way to skip thoose patches?
  2. solved. after having de-selected zorgane sound mod, it runs normally
  3. Hi, downloaded and installed last modpack. Launch game, loading bar begins to fill up and then crash to desktop
  4. Solved!! I had to choose Standard Voices instead of Nations Voices in wot options....
  5. Hello I'm Eva and I love sounds mod. Lately I met a trouble while trying to hear german voices I downloaded and installed latest asl's modpack, flagged german reloaded voices, choosed clean installation and started the game I'm able only to hear "up" whan the crew loads the shell into the cannon. But the voices are thoose of the tank I'm playing with. Tortoise speaks English, Is7 Russian and so on. Have I to change something in sound options? Tnx
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