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  1. iwashintokyo

    Compass Elememts file name wrong?

    I'm sorry. Is it OK with this? The version is v6.3.1 #00. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  2. The file "hud_lib_l11E.png" of Cpmpass Elements shape 1,2,6 is wrong name? I installed Compass Element shape1,but it did not work. I changed file name from "hud_lib_l11E.png" to "hud_lib_l17E.png", it did work. ModPack version is v6.3.0.1 #06.
  3. iwashintokyo

    Ship Name in Battle Chat

    Oh! I didn't notice. I'm sorry. Thank you.
  4. iwashintokyo

    Ship Name in Battle Chat

    How about adding this instead of Improve Chat which discontinued? This is mod which shows the name of the ship to a chat window. Author is IKU19.
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