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  1. The bug is fixed now. Thanks a lot to both of you!
  2. I don't have replays enabled for above games but I found one replay where I also have a screenshot of the bug. This is a game from July 2018 so I hope it will still be useful. Pardon the low graphics quality of the game. 20180707_173007_PASB034-New-Mexico-1941_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  3. Please don't ignore me.. :(
  4. This bug has been in the mod for a long while now. When you press Tab while in a match, it shows the team line-up, right? Everything is normal until ships start dying and that's when the "stats" of the ships goes out of place. In the screenshots, you can see carriers with main gun range, cruisers/destroyers with battleship main gun range, ships that suddenly now has torpedoes, ships that lose all of their armament and becomes a carrier instead, etc. That kind of stuffs. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  5. Grise

    Most mods not working on 7.8 update.

    Here are the mods that aren't working for me too: Ribbon Badges v2 Black Hole port Custom Battle Loading Screen Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  6. Not Butterkek's tracers, I'm using Tracer contrails only (main guns: lines) by Compassghost.
  7. It is the correct path. I thought the game files will be inside the "World of Warships" folder when I reinstalled the game before but it made the "World_of_Warships_ASIA" folder inside it instead. What about the custom loading screen mod though? Why isn't it working and why doesn't it work when tracer mod is working and vice versa? Do they somehow conflict each other? Does the compressed textures mod affect the loading screen too?
  8. After multiple mod reinstalls, I just realized that when the loading screen mod isn't working, the main gun tracer mod is working but when the loading screen mod is working, the main gun tracer mod isn't. I don't know what's causing the problem anymore.
  9. I tried reinstalling the mod several times to see if it will work but unfortunately, it doesn't. I also tried to "Check & Repair" the game then reinstalling the mod but it still doesn't work. What's weird is that it is working before (same version of installer) but when I opened the game earlier, it doesn't work anymore. Attached picture is the loading screen. It is just the classic one not the modded version. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  10. I just realized that the ship icon's color in the navigator changes from time to time. What does that mean?
  11. Basically title. Are those mods really made not to be used together? Would be great if the radio button will be replaced as check box on the installer so we can choose both of them.
  12. The side panel mods (I tried both the Hakabase and Badobest versions) and they look out of place. I've downloaded the mod installer multiple times and reinstalled those mods and it is still the same. Clicking the gear on the upper left does nothing. Nothing appears in the chat window too. I tried typing something and using a quick command and nothing shows up but the audio plays. I've already checked the integrity of the game and there's no problem. Also, the game crashes when I play the Narai Operation. I think it must be because of some mods because I went in the WoWS forums and there's no one who posted about the game crashing while playing that operation. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  13. Grise

    Loading Screen Bug

    Installed the latest mod update yesterday, it is now fine. Thanks!
  14. I had this problem on the loading screen before and it got fixed but it is back again. The pictures show how the bug looks like. I've also attached the logs file if that is needed. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  15. Grise

    Custom battle loading screen issues

    How come that it only crashes on mine even if it is the same mod for everyone else? I checked the game integrity recently and everything is fine. Is it because of incompatibility with the other mods I used? Aslains_WoWs_Logs(4).zip
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