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  1. Just wanted to drop a note; I am very pleased, for the lack of a better word, for the amount of direct support i.e. contact I've been able to get from the guys on this site. Beside the fact that Aslain's modpack is my favorite, my experience when dealing with any situations or questions I've had, and the amount of attention and suppor has been the best- ever/anywhere. Even at 2 am?... this is not common, and should be noted as part of their attraction. The site is clean and self-explanatory. And as noted above, they act quickly to and situation. I don't know how long you all can keep this up, but it's been perfect for me, and makes game play practically brainless. Thanks guys Bavarianbaker
  2. ok, so I took your advice Quaksen and clicked on the (Direct) link to the right. It all worked perfect from there. But I still wonder why when I downloaded from the #1,2,3,or 4 links I got a very noisy announcement that I'd been infected from someone claiming to be Microsoft. The screen was blocked, and there was a telephone number posted. The only way out was to stop my search engine from the Task Manager. That all happened twice. However, as I mentioned above, using the (Direct) link to the right it all went clean and quick. In my ignorance of internet computing I didn't realize the two were separate. But now, with your help, I'm no longer as ignorant- so, thank you I hop my information was clear. Bavarianbaker P.S.- Just a note: (i.e. btw) When I did click on the numbered links, and it sent me to the ad sight, right after the "skip" ad button counted down from the number 5, the "run" button appeared at the bottom of my screen for approximately 1/2 second. Then it was gone... (sorry for the run on sentence. Nonetheless, thanks for the info. It got me back on Aslain's mudpack. I'll have to send y'all some support. Give me 'til Thursday
  3. You're right, I wasn't actually infected. But the initation, so to speak, was there. And that's not good either. I just shut the program down in Task Manager. It's sort of a silly thing claiming that you've been infected; so call this number, etc., etc. But definitely not what I want to see, and keeps the download I want from initiating. If you can fix it from your side I'll definitely download your content. Yours is the best per my style of play. Whatever you can do to get me updated with your mudpack I'd appreciate it. Thanks Bavarianbaker
  4. I just got infected too. Kinda pissed. It was download #2. What's the plan? Why the infections??? I love this mudpack, but getting infected kinda blows chunks. Let me know what's the xchedual for clearing this up. Thanks
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