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  1. That clears up nothing for me as I didn't have any illegal mods installed. The only mods I have ever used are the ones that are in your installer.
  2. As I stated before, I never had any graphics injector installed on my computer. It is a brand new build of Windows 10 Enterprise with MS office installed, AMD graphics driver, WOWs and BF5 and BF-V.
  3. Wargaming is of absolutely no help in this matter. They will not even list what mod was causing it. I have never installed any other mod other than the ones that are available through your installer. I am trying to be transparent in this matter as to figure out what has caused this. I have no reason to cheat in any game that I play. Why would I? The game becomes boring if one were to do that. Not like playing a single player of Starcraft or Simcity 4 where you just want to have fun in a game by giving yourself god like powers once you finish it.
  4. 1) I don't share my PC with anyone. 2) I have never used SweetFX or Reshade for any computer game or any other graphics injector for that matter in a number of years...at least 10 years. 3) Ran a full virus sweep and nothing came back. I have only ever ran Aslains mod pack for this game and no other pack.
  5. So I received a first time warning about using mods in WOWs yesterday. It claimed that I was using an illegal mod. I have only ever used Aslains mod tool to install the mods that WG allows for WOWs. I use the carousel mod, the HBAO mod and the tech tree more. I was curious as to why I would receive this message. I think the HBAO mod allows me to hit F10 and bring up other shaders. I think this is what WG had in mind. But I've never seen this until the last update. Could you let me know as I don't want a second strike since I have a shit load of money invested in this game. Thx!!!
  6. Hi again, Thank you for getting back with me. I found out what it was...for whatever reason the temp directory that the app sets up in had sopmehow became stripped of its permissions and placed under lock because of a false positive on my AV software. Turned it off, reapplied the permissions to that hidden directory and it installed just fine. Thx again for the quick response!!!
  7. Hi there, love using your mods and never had an issue before today from the 0.6.4 #6 update. I have added the error in the attachments. This was done after a clean install of WOWs. Thanks.
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