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  1. i tried to install "XVM minimap" i cant find Shuras minimap mod in your install-menu. Every time i load the install menu, all markers a gone in the xvm-minimap-menu i uninstalled crew return from oldskool and will check that out i dont play as an admin, kaspersky is running?
  2. further on, the game chraches from time to time, so i have to start it again while making a "hard reset"
  3. Since a few days, things are not working, like they use to: - the crew is not getting back to the tank automitically - no 50m spot circle around the tank on minimap - the battle statistik works only for 2-3 rounds - the after match results form yasen crasser (?) are not working either i installed the updates several times to fix the problems, but it didnt work and yes, i unistalled everything like i use to before. I proudly support you every month as a Patron ; -) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. i have 1920 x 1080 and ich have text on 150%. I try it on 100%...
  5. Hi, everytime, i use the opton of the preview option, the button to finish the configuration disppears. It happens now with the 8th version and i dont have a clue, what the problem is????
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