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  1. Muscrat

    Daily Win Bonus Missing

    Bummer Thanks guys!
  2. Muscrat

    Daily Win Bonus Missing

    Is there a reason I a missing the daily win bonus icons on the ships in port? Maybe I am missing a check box when selecting mods? Thanks in advance!
  3. Muscrat

    Moving Chat Box (Triples)

    No longer able to move chat box. Was this option removed? Edit; never mind. Had the wrong one selected. Thanks for all the hard work Aslain!
  4. Thank you Aslain for bening on top of it, and all your hard work!
  5. I use to have a mod enabled that would show what consumable a teammate had active with a little icon next to their name above the ship. For some reason I lost it and cant remember the name, nor find it. Can someone please remind me of the name? Or maybe it got removed. Thanks in advance.
  6. Muscrat

    Moving Chat Box (Triples)

    Ah heck yeah! I was right under my nose. Thank you!
  7. Does anyone know how to move the chat box? I dont see a mod for it. I am using triple monitors and have been able to move several other items by editing the battle_layout.xml, but dont see anything in there that is for the chat box.
  8. Muscrat

    Triple Monitor Mod

    I am not seeing this. Has is been removed?
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