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  1. Tried your suggestion, but it became worst.. Guess I'll have to live with one thank having an issue than getting the majority of the tanks into a whole bunch of issues. But if yo can find time to add the resolution to the issue on your next update. much appreciate it.. Good day and God bless.
  2. When I go to zoom mode after installing "show forward armor" when I go on Zoom mode I can't see anything. all other tanks doing fine. I am attaching replay so that the issue can be described thoroughly. I don't think mod is defective.. just needs refining :) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip 20180928_0934_ussr-R49_SU100Y_05_prohorovka.wotreplay
  3. Tried new mod pack Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. without XVM options, and all seems to be WORKING NOW... WAY TO GO ASLAIN TEAM!!!! (THUMBS UP X 3) at leased we now have a working base mod pack to work on!!!! Will try later with XVM options activated.
  4. This is one thing I'd like to say. I have been an AVID and Loyal user of Aslain's WOT MODS from version 9.12 up to present and has depended on this mod for the years that I've played WOT. In fact, I've recommended and most of my clanmates are now using Aslain Mods since the clans inception. I am not directly disappointed with what is happening right now, not that this has anything to do with Aslains work. ( He's doing an excellent work on the mods that he is releasing. ) It's only that since , I had become very dependent on the mods, that now playing the standard game... I'm really at a loss and I all know that you all share my sentiments. Hoping that this issue would be resolved soon. ASLAIN YOU'RE THE BEST !!! MORE POWER TO YOU AND YOUR STAFF!!!
  5. Aw.. so it seems we have to bear with this until after an XVM update resolves the issue. Thank you so much for the info, then.
  6. Same issue here , Already Disabled Anti Virus, removed Warpacks, etc. but game crashes on loading screen. But WOT works on the the copy ( Clean install without mod pack update 9.20.1. Here's my zip log as well. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. Hi Aslain, I've been playing WOT since 2013 and I really love your modpack once I started using it, Never as in NEVER dared use other mod packs. However, with the onset of WOT ver.9.19 I'm afraid the personal mission option for damage Summation has been failing lately, thus I am not able to complete the missions. (Please see screen shot for details). It's working when I run WOT (clean version). I have Knowledge in visual BASIC program but, I am hesitant in touching the mods script for fear that I may complicate the issue than resolve it. I just need your guidance in where to find the needed script/s and how to go about it, so as not to impair other great works done by you and co-contributors. You're doing a great, GREAT job and rest assured that I had been and will always be promoting your mod. More power to you and the best of the Almighty blessing be upon you. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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