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  1. maybe this will work Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. Again today I have tried 3 different settings and no tank icons. I did self check on start up page too Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe
  3. Have tried all the all Team Hp mods that show tank icons as part of HP set up. Can't get any to show up including color tank icons. Is there a problem?
  4. I took off alll your xvm related mods and all your crosshair mods and it seemed to work PROPERLY.
  5. thanks for sending the logs. Is it jimbos causing the problem????? Again the same consistent reload timer problem with every update. PLEASE fix the problem sir problem.
  6. The reload time on some tanks is penalized on second and each additional shot WHY??? No damage to loader or gun
  7. Hi Quaksen.. seems Aslain got a bunch of Malware and riskware this update. My notices in the last 24 hours are now approaching a dozen. Looked at the site Aslain posted about his rating and it hasn't been updated since 6/1018. This am another riskware blocked as I downloaded .2.02 modpack this was a new one. I started another thread yesterday but no response so I thought i might ask you.
  8. thanks for your suggestions. Already save the installer pak but didn't consider the mods file as well. At initial garage start up it usually hangs up loading a tank onto the screen. It is the last tank I used in battle before shutting down. It gives the gear turning and turning. I have to click another tank to get the garage to function. Haven't complained just took it s another quirk of one of the mods somewhere. Thanks again sir.
  9. WoT finally did a log search after 7 letters. When The Auxilium mods removed all my Camo's I was unaware that I had earned some 7 year anniversary Camos. That's apparently what I had put on the Panterra. ( I still believe I had purchased camo working up the line) So when I started to reapply I had no Idea they were reward camos. Finally somebody looked at the one camo left and explained that putting your cursor over the camo would have told me the same "information". Ignorant fact #2 at the same time this response had me check as to why I had not applied the special 1945 camo to the Progetto. Hmm ... Ignorant fact #3 the type 59 I won during Christmas boxes also has a special camo reward. I shared this new "info" with my clanmates and low and behold only 1 of 10 guys even knew about putting your cursor over the camo for a description and nobody was aware of the "special 1945 Camo". Ignorant fact 4) (courtesy of you sir)... READ all the descriptions of Aslains mods and again ignorant fact #5 never install new mods until the bugs are worked out and most important ignorant fact #6 make a back up res mods folder when you download a new release mod pack in case it is buggy. Thanks for your patience and the education... Commander 5GTD
  10. In terms of "all" disappearing I can only guess that the ones that went to the depot are "most" if not all I purchased-- with the clear exception of The Italian line. So my "all" reference is to the "effectiveness" of the Auxilium mod in dismounting stuff. Here is a the ONLY image I found in my screen shots reflecting that indeed this vehicle had cam. Now the depot only shows 1 winter camo left of 9 I purchased for gold. It no longer exists and disappeared upon installation of the Auxilium mod. COINCIDENCE? Again thanks for your time and input sir.
  11. In this case anger is not strong enough. Pissed off as I have spent gold to get the camo and it has proven impossible to address here or in WoT. As I noted in my research you have had nothing but problems with this mod. As I said there are hundreds of comments about its issues. Mine is trivial to you I understand. We all must accept the risks that files you "place on your mod list" could be corrupt defective or fail in their execution and function. This is the first time in 2 years of using your mods I have had a serous problem. I have recommended Aslains to all in my clan who ask. I selected Auxilium in Ignorance of its function and made a poor assumption that it would function without removing destroying or intentionally causing hours of work to redo its "mistakes" . As noted by you my attitude and demeanor are hardly solicitous. You have performed your function of warning me of the imperfections instability and of the requirements to be diligent when accepting the products you appear to endorse. Thank you for your time patience and warnings.
  12. Clearly this creates work for the commanders in excess of "normal" gameplay. WHY would you initiate an inconvenient useless mod pack that would remove all those things that consumed so much of our time to place? Why would you consider this a productive mod? Who reads all your fine print of disclaimer of how a mod will screw up all your hard work placing emblems camo and equipment. and emblems. And yet you defend this worthless mod by saying OH if you read the disclaimer..... so I am just a dummy cause I thought Aslains gave us good mods.. There are HUNDREDS of posts about this WORTHLESS MOD....and would you EVER have used such a WORTHLESS MOD??? But again in your defense we are all to stupid to expect mods to be a positive productive product endorsed by Aslains and defend so well by you sir.
  13. thanks for your skepticism.... Your choosing to address one comment to reply and ignore the problems created by an improperly functioning mod is condescending to say the least. To insert a new suggestion that I purchased rental camo is another cut and paste slap an answer to the inquiry simpleton... Another issue which you will skip over is that all non permanent equipment required re installation as well. Oh sure the mod doesn't have enough sense to know that it was there previously and one must reinstall each time. AGAIN this Auxilium mod has caused innumerable headaches and ongoing aggravation. Your contributions sir are noteworthy as well Sir.
  14. yes WoT has answered 2 tickets with similar replies.. But my Italian line shows 1 winter camo unappliied. Who buys one camo and then doesn't apply it?? I played frontline with camo in both tier 8 Italians. They both had purchased camo. The camo disappeared. Also another FACT is that all emblems I put on tanks were removed. They are hopefully still in the list but who knows how many disappeared from there as well. I sold down to a certain level on some but who can remember that far back how many American flags I had left... Auxilium sure has caused me alot of grief...
  15. when you have over 100 tanks this is extremely annoying, There is still the ongoing issue with WoT of where the Camo I purchased for the Italian line has "disappeared" to. Since I have NEVER had an issues with your mods... I think I will pass on one that has CAUSED me tremendous headaches and aggravation.. I am certainly hesitant to download 17 right now.....
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