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  1. that would be really great thank you in advance is the mod from you with detailled damage? i can this mod not scaled the i play in 3840X2160 and the font is very little you can see this of the screenshot
  2. Well before that was better readable just behind the ribbons than hidden in the corner I think that's not so good
  3. otherwise, the numbers of the damage indicator were always right behind the ribbons
  4. The ribbons are in the center aber the damage counter is this can be corrected on the far right and when can the updates for the minimap be calculated? Thanks for Help
  5. Hi I play in 4k and the chat is too small even on 32 "screen just like the information about the ship (player name, health, ship name) it is possible that you can zoom in much like the panels of Badobest so the player lists right and left? If so that would be really great Wargaming does nothing for 4k magnification or scaling of the GUI!
  6. the size from the minimap can have not changed since the servercrash on sunday
  7. Since 0.7.0, the detailed Damage meter display can no longer be moved, but mod v.7.0.1_05 unfortunately does not help
  8. A mod can be created, the text in the chat is enlarged and the text and the damage points above the ships because Wargaming does not support 4k scaling, the scalierung from minimap and from the team Lineups from badobest are good for 4k Monitors.
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