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  1. Sorry in advanced if I mess things up i'm still a little new to this but every since Wargaming Game Center came out I have been unable to get Aslain's modpack to work. Every time I try to install the modpack it cant find the client I tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything and nothing worked. In the installer when I browse C:\Games\World_of_Warships and click next I get the message that WoW isn't installed there which is right I don't have it installed in that folder but then I chose D:\World_of_Warships_NA I don't get the message but when I click next at the top it says there is no client but I do have it installed in that folder. When I try and boot WoW I get an error message saying "Unable to execute file: D:\World_of_Warships_NA\WoWSLauncher.exe ShellExecuteEx failed; code 2. The system cannot find the file specified." If there is any to fix this please let me know and i'm sorry for such a long post. Here is the zip file Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
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