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  1. Working now with #03 but I also reset firewall access so could have been that. Thanks for your assistance.
  2. I deleted everything in this folder; %appdata%\wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks
  3. Didn't help. I will wait for future versions and keep trying.
  4. I can login with no modpack but once I install Aslains it takes a long time to get to the login screen and when it does stalls there for some time until eventually I am able to press "Connect". I then get Aslains spinning wheel but then it stalls again. After about 8 minutes I get a message saying "Connection to the server has been interrupted". Any ideas what could cause this? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. Yep. Crashing upon entering second game after initial boot every time.
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