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  1. I use a dynamic crosshair. Is there a way to get a bold crosshair, change color? Either a specific mod for dynamic crosshairs or maybe a .ini file or something has a line that can be changed?
  2. My whole point was, I uninstalled WoT. Then saw Aslains still on my App list and wanted to uninstall it. But can't get it off my app list. And yes, I don't want it on there- even though it doesn't point to anything.
  3. So I uninstalled WoT and I still see Aslains in my App list. And when I try to uninstall Aslains from my App list, it says it can't find the uninstaller.... How can I get Aslains off my App list? I really hope I don't have to install WoT and Aslains, just so I can uninstall Aslains and then WoT. PS, Best wishes for your health!
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