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  1. Edit: Ignore, my client was a couple of micro patches out of date. Didn't realise I'd even be allowed to open the game in that case, but apparently so.
  2. As the title says, I can't view any missions/events in the missions tab, meaning I can't keep track of the current specials. I assume it's down to the mod pack, and Aslain's is the only modpack/mods I have installed.
  3. V_Epsilon

    Issue with download host

    As mentioned, I tried direct downloading and it just did nothing. Edit: Never mind, it works now for some reason
  4. All of the direct downloads link from Skamason. Whenever I attempt to open them I get spammed with warnings from my anti-virus, and even after ignoring that I'm asked to disable my adblocker (which isn't happening) otherwise it won't download. The site is posing as adf.ly, and google shows nothing when searching the site name. Attempting to direct download does nothing. I'd love to download the mod installer, but don't trust anything to do with that site. Please rehost on mediafire or something, cheers.
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