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  1. Thanks @McOwnage, I knew I'd seen it before, just couldn't remember which file.
  2. I've been running Fall Creators Update for ages and never had that issue, however this just started. In the logs is the error: SSLError: The read operation timed out ... which makes me think maybe the URL used to check was down or an issue with SSL?
  3. Good morning, Just this morning, I'm getting a Crash to Desktop (CTD) on loading tanks with the modpack (both #06 and #10). Starting in safe-mode starts in OK. Logs are attached. So far I've tried disabling PMOD and updating XVM to 8184 (drop and replace only) without success. I'll try disabling a few more addons and see if I can find the problem one! Thanks. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip EDIT: OK, figured it out, I deleted \World_of_Tanks\mods\\AslainsModpackCheck.wotmod and it started OK. I had a power outage last night, and it seems some stuff isn't connecting to the net correctly, so it might be a local problem.
  4. Hrmm, I just tried this and instead of crashing whilst entering game, it's now crashing on entering a game. Given we probably won't see the 9.21 patch until next week, I'd love to figure out the problem addon!
  5. I haven't tried the new modpack, v9.20.1.1 #01a, but I got 9.20.1_06a working by disabling everything XVM in the modpack and downloading the nightly. Even renaming to still loaded worked, except it's a default XVM config (no custom icons, no crosshairs) but far more playable than stock vanilla! Downloading v9.20.1.1 #01a and will see how it goes.
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