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  1. yes now see the version top right of screen...thks again...wot is now working...thanks to you.dziekuje
  2. ok...everytime wot updates i will update aslains...check...and where do you find out if the wot asia is updated?...will that number be the same of the mod update for aslains?
  3. Quaksen...we are lucky to have u and and ur colleagues to advance the sport of computer gaming...well done...and u have to know i am not an expert...so i appreciate the simplest instructions possible at the level of mud sludge
  4. this is happening regularly.....is it happening because you are updating all the time....I dont want the latest ...just want it to work also wot is not loading the ASLAINS...i launch the settings window in ASLAINs as if i was loaded it from scratch then update details XVM and gives the critical error
  5. ok....installed the above version gone to XVM..update, activate, services, then login wot...on auto....says updating garage...goes into garage (sometimes has quit out of wot ! but not today)...but still not correct as...... notification center DOES NOT show that this mod has loaded.....and see no MODS of any kind....
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