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  1. Yep.  New patch to include Road to Berlin PvE mode happened on ASIA server this morning.

    So now have to wait for the upgraded Aslains.  Meanwhile, have to refit all camos and consumables in vanilla mode.

  2. Hey guys.  Last night I finished the 30 Wins mission to get the Tier 5 Chi-Nu Kai tank.

    I received the crew but couldn,t find the tank in my garage.  Even sent a ticket to WG Support and they said I had it.

    So I re-started the game, but in safe mode, and there it was.

    I have the latest version of Aslains installed so I can only guess that something in there has hidden the reward tank.

    Anyone else had this?

    I'll enclose pics of the garage carousel in normal and safe modes.




    Just noticed that I also have a Type 97 Te-Ke that I didn't see in my garage before.  Is there a pattern here to help to explain what is going on.


  3. Well I'm not about to participate in the Black Market crap.  2am in the morning here is the time for that.  Just another patch to stuff us around with the mods.


    WG pockets must be getting below 90% full.  So they bring out the Black Market crap.


    Tried re-numbering the mod and res mod files, but only some mods worked and other normal stuff was playing up.

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