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  1. describe your problem as much detailed as you can Mods not working at all after latest WoWs update. Completely uninstalled mods, WoWs, ran CCleaner and rebooted computer. Reinstalled WoWs, ran it with no mods with no problems. Installed mods I wanted from latest update. Logged in to WoWs, but none of the mods were working at all, it was like they haven't even been installed even though I can plainly see them when I check the directories in Windows Explorer. Server: NA Computer: Dell Inspiron 5558 OS: Windows 10 Professional, fully updated Mod pack in question: 7.9.1_01 Archived log files attached Having no problems with WoT mods at all, they are working perfectly.  Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
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