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  1. Hey guys i will update you! It was exactley Overwolf (res_mods/ wich makes that Issues! I was tryng the most of all Mods in the Aslain's Mod-Pack and i am very happy >>> NO CRAHSES! Only one little issue still in one Mod If somone can fix it, will be nice, becouse that F/0 Field on the minimap is in some maps very important. Thank you very much Theolitius
  2. Sorry for dubble post, but i must push this issue with F/0, thats for now the only one Bug i have 🙂 Is not a bad bug, but it will be nice to can pinging on F/0 on some maps, where it is very important place...
  3. Thank you! So just to know, i couldnt clear it befor i didnt close the Overwolf, becouse this file comes back 🙂 unbeliveble but truth 🙂 I found this file in res_mods/ So after i clear this file, i was playing some battles without crashes, so i really hope thats was the problem, i will give you update! Thank you again for helping! EDIT: After cleaning "mod_ow.pyc" i was playing may be 20 battles and NO CRASHES! I never played 20 battles in row without crashes, so i hope that was the bug! I will play some days more t
  4. I just wanted help Aslain to fix the buggs, i give a sh* if no one wanna help, i just will uninstall it and use other one wich works without multiple crashes! He makes money with it, not me! I hope someone will tell me now why i have this crashes, becouse last time Theolitius helps me with the Battlefield Interface after the battle in garage! I was clear this Mode with the season stats, and didnt get this bug anymore... So one bug more and he has a better Mode Pack, wich i can use too!
  5. Again Crash Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. I was played today only two battles and the second one was a crash... i hope you can tell me the Mode wich makes problems. Thanks Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. Ok i know now what you means, but id dont know why this happens... also, i have normal an _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf with 6KB, but now there is a _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf with only 3KB, like my last ModPack without XVM, i was using it becouse of that many crashes... But actual i have installed my _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf with XVM and 6kb, and all mods works in game, but in _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf shows only 3KB i dont know why? But for now i have played 40 Battles today without crashes, only after my 3rd battle i got the second issue with interface in garage, n
  8. Thank you, now i know what can be the problem with my second problem! But you can belive me i was trying everything, reinstall, cleaning, reset... i was reinstall not only the Aslains Modpack, i did it with WoT and Windows too... But after Battle some times i have this issue after battle with InGameInterface in Garage... i will try it without this Session Statistics Mod... And for now i didnt play many battles and didnt have any crashes, but tomorow i will play some battles and wen i have the crash i will send you the Logs. I hope you can tell me than witch Mode have probl
  9. Hello For whatever reason, since the beginning of this minimap mod, if you hold down CTRL/STRG and have the enlarged minimap in the middle of the picture, you cannot ping in the F/0 field. The F/0 field is broken... i hope you can fix that, becouse on some maps we need to show some important bushes on minimap and its dos not work... You can pinging around bot not really in that field F/0. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. So i was playing may be 3 battles and got the rare issue after battle in garage. I think this are two diference issues! One is this rare issue with battle in garage, and the bad one with crashes is the other one, i think diference mods are diference reasons for this two issues... Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  11. Ok i just dont know if i should have issues befor i give you the Logs or after, becouse i will actual stop play WoT, becouse i olay may be 5 Years with the same Modes and in last 3 Monts i had more crashes to desktop than in the last 10 years together! I did install all the same favorit Mods what i am love to use and give you the Archive Log... And i go to play with this modes, after my first crash i will give you the Logs again if this is a diference bevor issues and after? I just wanna tell you some things... i tried now some days modes without XVM, only this mods in th
  12. I use stil this old version v. becouse no issues, all other one make me problems, v15, v16, v17, v18, and now v19 too, so back to v14 becouse works fine!
  13. I have a question now, i have the old version v. installed, dos it helps if i give you the logs now?
  14. I was deinstall this day the lastest update v. and install back to v. and this problem is not coming, but sometimes crash to desktop! But this problem was stil in the most of old versions, and sometimes like v. it was ok! i try tomorow install the v. again and give you the information you need...
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