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  1. OldBaldyOne

    Crooks Skins - Lyon

    Thanks for the update. That makes perfect sense
  2. OldBaldyOne

    Crooks Skins - Lyon

    https://imgur.com/a/h0Te3 I have the B hull and all modules mounted. Its very odd.
  3. OldBaldyOne

    Crooks Skins - Lyon

    I can upload a screenshot later today, but for some reason the Lyon Battleship does not show the skin associated with it, outside of the turrets. The turrets show the Emblem on top, but as far as I can tell, the rest of the skin is just the default gray. Have tried reloading the skins every way I can think of (manually from the zip, with the Modpack, tried just the France skins alone and the entire set - nada). This may be a problem with that specific part of the pack and not able to be addressed here, but I LOVE this ship and would love to have it match the other France ships skins from this pack. Thanks
  4. OldBaldyOne

    Lock up and get Crtical error durring loading

    The installer is fine for me, but loading with skins crashes. If I delete the Shaders folder that is generated after I crash, you can log in with the skins in place. Just adding feedback.
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