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  1. Nesland

    Add clan icon

    Hello Aslain, i've got an Update for our clan : Server: EU Clan Name: Cinghiali Corazzati Italiani TAG: CCI Image Full Image Resized 24x24 Best Regards Nesland
  2. Nesland

    2 Issue

    Both issue are solved on my side, thanks for your work Aslain
  3. Nesland

    2 Issue

    Sleep well , and take care of yourself... we got only one Aslain
  4. Nesland

    2 Issue

    I downloaded again the modpack (from the direct#2 this time and reinstalled with same config and now , the quickcommand is working perfectly. i also managed into a training game to get a screenshot of the maps discrepancy (now i'm checking all of them). as you can see , the big one is the ingame provided map, and in the lower right corner the fugetsu one ( i tryed the same map with autospy one and it's the same. i circled in red the discrepancy that are not reflected in minimap. same for the map desert tears
  5. Nesland

    2 Issue

    Re downloaded the, and reinstalled it, and same issue. attached the new logs Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  6. Nesland

    2 Issue

    Updated logs ( sorry, i forgot to upload them before )
  7. Nesland

    2 Issue

    Hello aslain, here i come with 2 other minor issue (but quite intresting ones). Installer used : 7.1.0_02 Minimap mod -> minimap image due to changement on few maps, the minimap of fugetsu and autospy do not reflect the real map (still showing the ancient version) in minipa (leftcorner ) and in map view (pressed M or in CV tact mode) Battle screen Information -> Compact quick command the screen is loading the commands wheel but no command are selectable or showe , must be done trought the normal method ( F1, F2, F3,.. etc..) For the ist issue i will try to get some screenshot if i got those maps, for the second one can't do the screenshot cause the overlay turned off when i press the screenshot button, but i can show you on twitch if you want. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  8. Working now Perfect as usuale
  9. Hi Aslain, as requested i post here the issue my clan is having : with the skin Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio, when we install it we got this error and ingame we see all the ships like that : If we remove the mod, we see the standard camo
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